Doug Jensen’s Augmented Reality Business Card

Introducing Doug Jensen’s new, Augmented Reality Business Card! Have one of Doug Jensen’s Business Cards already? Great! Complete the steps below to get the app and subscribe to Doug Jensen’s channel, then, no matter where you are, if you have his card, you can impress your friends by having his card come to life as a video right in their hands or on the table, or wherever you want to put it! Most importantly, just have fun!

To use Doug Jensen’s new, Augmented Reality business card, you need an app to view it and you need to subscribe to Doug Jensen’s channel in the app – both of which can be achieved using the following code or by going to this link on your smartphone*. Once you have the app and you have subscribed, scroll to the bottom of this page to test – just open the app and look through the viewfinder at the business card. Better yet, get yourself one of Doug Jensen’s actual cards, then you can show off this high tech to your friends and family!

If you are on a desktop, use a barcode scanner app on your Android or Apple smartphone* to scan the QR code image above.

If you are on your phone*, click here or touch the QR code image above.

* Requirements:

  • For Android smartphones, Android OS Version 4.0+ is required
  • For Apple smartphones, iOS Version 7+ is required
  • Autofocus
  • High-Powered Processor

TIP: Double-tap to make the video go full screen and take it with you. Tap once to go full HD and subscribe to Daytona on YouTube!

Augmented Reality Business Cards are an offering of JensenWorks Technology – contact them to arrange getting YOUR High Tech Augmented Reality Card today!