Condition Removal Bonus

Daytona Homes


This is not a mistake and it is very real. Daytona Homes is currently offering the following incentives:

If you’re not buying a new home, but you know someone who is, you can earn …

$5,000 Cash per Referral!

If you are buying a new home, you can choose

$10,000 Off Your New Duplex
$15,000 Off Your New Single Family Home
$20,000 In Free Upgrades to Your New Single Family Home

But only until the end of June and only if you register!

Getting registered is EASY! Just fill out the following form and we will send you everything you need to know to either start MAKING or SAVING money with our huge cash incentives!

Act Now! As an added bonus, if you purchase and the conditions of the sale are removed within 21 days, Daytona Homes will write you an additional cheque for $1000!

Plus! If you use one of our preferred lenders, Daytona Homes will even cover your legal fees!

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