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What’s Your Most Valuable Asset?

We know your most valuable asset! Do you? (click here to find out)

Your time? Your money? No.

Your attention!

And now that we have it would like to focus that attention briefly on one thing that we know is worth your valuable attention.

We value your attention, and now that we have it…

We don’t want to waste your time…

In order to respect your time we want to focus it on something that we believe is valuable.

We are focusing your attention on an opportunity for a new home.

1) Sherwood Park / Running out of land

One of the surrounding communities of Edmonton

Prime Location – land is becoming in short supply.

Thinking about Summerside? Great! However, if you’re thinking about increasing your net worth by $50-$100,000 in 1 to 2 years, this is the place to do it.

We know that conservatively, even if it was half that, if I was a dirty rotten liar, which I’m not.

We’ve looked – and we can’t find an opportunity like this anywhere else.


These homes come standard with:

Air Gap Membrane
Triple Pane Windows

You’re a savvy home owner, so you know these are rare to find with most home builders.

You don’t need to give up your complete info to find out more, either (you can if you want though).

Come in and see Doug at XYZ location or give him a call today at XYZ#…or…if you want to you can fill out the form below and he’ll call you.


We give you our word, we will ONLY use this information to contact you about this specific opportunity and nothing more without your express consenf and we will not sell, trade or give your contact information to anyone for any reason whatsoever, ever.


We knew you were a savvy home buyer!

And we know you’re going to LOVE what you see!

We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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In the interest of not wasting another valuable asset of yours, your time, we will let you know right now that what we are presenting here is an opportunity to own a home in a truly prime location where land is in short supply. A home purchase that could increase your net worth in 1-to-2 years by $50,000 – $100,000.

We know your most valuable asset! Do you? (Find out here).

Do you know your most valuable asset? We do.

You may think it is your time or your money, but you’d be wrong.

Your most valuable asset is your attention.

And nowthat we have YOUR attention, we would like to tell you abiut another valuable asset that could be yours.